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  • Tea industry brews up the good life


    Li Zhaotie has built a good life for himself and his family through the cultivation of white tea.

  • Making money from mushrooms


    When Lin Zhanxi first introduced mushroom cultivation to the Gobi Desert residents of Ningxia Hui autonomous region in the 1990s, he did not expect a success so phenomenal that it would later feature in a hit TV series.

  • Historic site brings tourists and wealth


    Dressed in a replica army uniform, Lai Jinhua, a tour guide at the site of the famous Gutian Conference, shuttled between groups of visitors to tell them stories about the Red Army.

  • Staying green while seeking growth


    There is a popular saying in southern Fujian province that is emblematic of an enterprising spirit: "Dedicate yourself, and you will win".

  • Songxi county shows success of green development


    Songxi county in Nanping, Fujian province has enjoyed significant economic development in recent years through its commitment to green development.

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    Tourism brings new look to Wulong village


    Red tourism and eco-tourism have brought vitality to Wulong, a remote village hidden in the forest-clad mountains in western Fujian province.

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    Fujian village prospers from forest cash crops


    Jiewen village in Longyan, Fujian province, a pioneer of collectively-owned forest tenure system reforms in China, has paved its way to prosperity by growing cash crops in the forest and boosting rural tourism.

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    Historic street leads to an ancient city


    Around noon, the historic Diantou Street was filled with the laughter of primary school children on their way home for lunch.

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