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Fujian FTZ a leader in reform and opening-up

China Daily | Updated: 2021-07-22


Xiamen Port is a vital hub along the Maritime Silk Road. [Photo/China Daily]

The FTZ also explores new paths for cross-Straits integration and development, and builds a pioneer zone for all-around exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan.

"We will deepen cooperation in advantageous industries, promoting the opening-up of more than 50 fields such as finance, medical care and tourism to Taiwan, and have introduced nearly 30 pioneering Taiwan-funded projects to promote the integrated development of cross-Straits electronic information, optical instruments, compact machinery and other industries," Wu said.

For example, Zongren Science and Technology (Pingtan) is a Taiwan-funded enterprise that provides integrated circuit manufacturing services.

Chen Mengbang, chairman of the company, said: "It is not easy for a technology company to retain talents, but the Fujian FTZ's Pingtan area provides a lot of inclusive policies. Our company has grown up very quickly."

The zone has improved the smooth flow of economic and trade cooperation, promoted the reform and innovation of the whole process of Taiwan's commodity clearance, covering industrial products, food, agricultural products, fruits and other major commodities.

Fujian has become a distribution center for Taiwan's commodities exported to the Chinese mainland.

It has attracted the first Taiwan-funded financial institutions such as Jinyuan President Securities and Jinmeixin Consumer Finance.

Huang Weilun, head of the Xiamen Cross-Straits Youth Entrepreneurship Park, said: "There are many policies in the pilot free trade zone that bring many practical benefits and conveniences to Taiwan entrepreneurs."

Dadeng Market is very suitable for commodity trade in terms of convenient customs clearance, preferential logistics and subsidies.

At present, the 13 cross-Straits youth "three innovation" bases in the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone have accumulatively settled or served more than 1,000 Taiwan-based enterprises and teams. Some 44,000 young people from Taiwan have also participated in internships, employment and entrepreneurship.

The zone continues to expand opening-up to the outside world, and build a new and open economic system at a higher level.

It has accelerated the pace of "introducing in" and "going out", and explored wider, broader, and deeper opening-up to form a relationship with countries and regions along the Maritime Silk Road.

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