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Three routes to enjoy a green summer in Fujian

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-06-18

Day 3



The Dajinhu Lake scenic area in Taining county in Sanming, East China's Fujian province, features wonderful scenery with typical Danxia landforms, rose-colored cliffs, clear water, caves and an exquisite temple. [Photo/Official WeChat account: fjta12301]

Sanming is the greenest city in the country, with its forest coverage rate at 78.73 percent. The city has the best natural ecological environment in Fujian in terms of its water and air quality, making it a livable city with a healthy environment.

The city boasts many tourist attractions, including the Dajinhu Lake national 5A scenic area, which features marvelous scenery with typical Danxia landforms, clear water and caves.

Sanming is also well-known for Shaxian delicacies, a special cuisine from Shaxian county, which includes traditional snacks such as peanut butter noodles and pork wontons.

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