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Mount Taimu

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-08-22

[Photo/ fjta.com]

Mount Taimu, situated in Fuding, bordering Zhejiang province and along the coast of the East China Sea, has been famed as "the great landscape of mountain and sea".Legend has it that divinities in the East China Sea came to Mount Taimu for regular meetings, earning it another name "the Olympus on the sea". It is one of the three most famous mountains in Fujian and Zhejiang province besides Fujian’s Mount Wuyi and Zhejiang’s Mount Yandang.

The Mount Taimu Scenic Zone, with a total land area of 227 square kilometers, features granite hills and grottos, and the scenery of mountains, sea, islands, waterfalls and cultural sites. Mount Taimu boasts a pleasant climate, hence an ideal resort for holiday makers throughout the year, particularly in summer.

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