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Three routes to enjoy a green summer in Fujian

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-06-18

Day 2

Wuyi Mountain 


The Jiuqu Stream of Wuyi Mountain is a perfect place for visitors to enjoy a whiff of coolness while appreciating the natural scenery. [Photo/np.gov.cn]

Wuyi Mountain is a well-known summer resort in Nanping city, Fujian province. It was accepted as a cultural and natural heritage protection site by UNESCO in 1999, and is also a national 5A scenic area, the highest-ranked destination according to the national tourism authority.

It covers 70 square kilometers and features Danxia landforms, which is a landform of reddish sandstone that has been eroded over time into mountains, curvaceous cliffs and unusual rock shapes.

Wuyi Mountain is also a perfect place for tea lovers. The teas grown here are mostly of the Oolong variety, and the area has been producing tea for hundreds of years. In recent years, Wuyi Mountain has promoted the integrated development of tea and tourism industries, making the area a characteristic tourist destination for tea culture, travel and living.

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