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Special agriculture aids rural revitalization in Fujian's Yongchun

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-06-05

Yongchun county, Quanzhou, East China's Fujian province, has been focusing on the development of its local agriculture in an effort to help farmers shake off poverty and set out on the road to prosperity. 

The county enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with adequate sunshine and abundant rainfall, as well as a healthy natural environment, making it suitable for growing Foshou Tea, mandarin oranges, and dendrobium officinale.


A woman picks mandarin oranges in Taocheng town, Yongchun county, Quanzhou, East China's Fujian province. The Yongchun Mandarin Orange has a round shape with thin skin, a juicy core, and a sweet and sour taste. It was listed as a China Protected Geographical Indication Product in 2005. [Photo by Lin Shanchuan/Xinhua]

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