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Shaxian delicacies taste global success

By QIN JIZE,CAO DESHENG and HU MEIDONG | China Daily | Updated: 2020-12-16

Providing foodies with quality snacks at competitive prices, the Shaxian delicacies business has become a local pillar industry.

Luo said he first thought about running a restaurant in early 2000, when he saw more people earning good money from such businesses, but he initially lacked the confidence to become involved.

He said that on Aug 8, 2000, President Xi Jinping, who at the time was deputy secretary of the Communist Party of China Fujian Provincial Committee and governor of the province, paid an inspection visit to Shaxian county.

"He happened to visit my home, chatted to me about my work and encouraged me to develop a Shaxian delicacies business to earn a better income," Luo said.

"He said Shaxian delicacies could be the county's pillar industry, they had a bright future and should be developed well," Luo said.

In 2007, Luo spent 500,000 yuan on setting up his first restaurant serving the delicacies in Beijing, which changed the course of his life. Now, after years of developing his businesses, he has tasted success.

"Shaxian delicacies have made a lot of people in my hometown rich, and more important, they have served as 'food ambassadors', as they have become increasingly known among foreigners," Luo said.

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