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Li: Ensure smooth operation of logistics

By XU WEI | China Daily | Updated: 2022-07-11

Premier Li Keqiang has called for stronger steps to enable easier customs clearance and improve the level of handling at ports to prevent cargo pileups and reduce businesses' costs.

Speaking during a fact-finding trip to Fujian province on Thursday and Friday, Li said ports are the key windows for China's opening-up and an important pillar for imports and exports.

The visit took Li to Fuzhou, the provincial capital, and Quanzhou, a manufacturing hub, and he spoke in both cities with founders of startups, employees and business leaders.

While visiting a dry port in Jinjiang, a city under Quanzhou's jurisdiction, he highlighted the need to further the reform to streamline administration and bolster compliance oversight and services to better the business climate.

Logistics are the arteries of the market economy, and greater efforts must be made to ensure unimpeded logistics, he said.

The premier called for steps to guarantee the smooth operations of key transportation corridors, eliminate bottlenecks and ensure the operations of the economy and the supply of materials related to public well-being.

He surveyed a park for startups in Fuzhou and urged local officials there to devote more funding to help businesses cut their rental costs.

He explained to founders of startups at the park that the nation's drive to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation is intended to energize the enthusiasm of young people to start new businesses and devote themselves to innovation.

During a visit to Lioho Machine Works Ltd, which is headquartered in Taiwan, Li extended a welcoming message to business leaders from the province to invest and start new ventures on the Chinese mainland.

He pledged to protect their legitimate interests and continue to level the playing field, including taking steps to ensure their businesses can benefit from the aid packages issued by the government.

The premier visited Anta Sports, China's largest sportswear company, which he encouraged to compete in the high-end market while exploring more potential from the mass market.

Li underlined the significance of closer coordination between large businesses, smaller companies and self-employed individuals, which could help bolster the vitality and resilience of the Chinese economy.

The government will treat State-owned enterprises, private businesses and foreign enterprises as equals in offering aid packages and support policies, he said.

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