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Kingwow becomes breakthrough in software

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-05-27

The database, a key national research project, is essential to the security of national information technology. The project has achieved a significant breakthrough recently.

Kingwow distributed database, a basic core software originally designed and developed by Xiamen Xingshu Technology in Fujian province, has made breakthroughs in key industries and applications in China, and its overall technical indicators have made it an international leader, according to Jiang Jing, founder of Xingshu Technology.

Kingwow database has been used in many State-owned bank, insurance, security, energy, government, medical treatment, large manufacturing enterprises and logistics trading systems.

"As the basic core software that was originally created in China, Kingwow database aims to provide reliable technical support and service guarantees to the industrial value chain that is formed by the integration of industrial chains," Jiang said at the BRICS Forum on Development of Internet and Digital Manufacturing on May 23.

The company attaches great importance to product research and technology development as well as promoting deeper integration of the industrial, innovation, talent, data and capital chains. It has also established cooperative relations with universities and enterprises to jointly tackle key technologies.

"We want to make contributions to the development of the national information technology application and innovation industry and to global digital development as a self-developed scientific and technological product," Jiang said.

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