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11th Fuding White Tea Festival held online on Tianhu Mountain

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-04-12


The 11th Fuding White Tea Festival kicks off on March 29 on Tianhu Mountain in Fuding's Jiayang village. [Photo/fjsen.com]

Unlike previous festivals, the 11th Fuding White Tea Festival was broadcast live in 8K for the first time on March 29, allowing over 100,000 spectators to witness the authentic white tea harvest scene on Tianhu Mountain in Fuding, Fujian province.

The Fujian Meteorological Service Center gave Fuding white tea the title of "Fujian's climate-related high-quality agricultural products" during the tea festival. Then Fuding White Tea formed a strategic partnership with Alibaba and JD, two of China's largest e-commerce companies, as well as SF Express, a leading domestic logistics company.

Zhou Chunhai, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Fuding, announced a donation of 1,000 packs of Fuding white tea worth 1.19 million yuan ($187,068) to medical personnel currently combating the COVID-19 epidemic in Quanzhou.  


Farmers pick white tea leaves at a tea plantation in Fuding. [Photo/fjsen.com]

Fuding white tea has taken significant measures in recent years to ensure that all customers receive safe tea, including building a nationwide big data traceability system, cultivating tea without chemical pesticides, and advocating the pollution-free tea garden management mode.

In Fuding, the tea industry has tremendously aided rural revitalization and prosperity. In 2021, the tea gardens in Fuding covered around 2,000 hectares, generating 26,500 tons of white tea and totaled 13.72 billion yuan in output value.

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