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Food deliveries keep city fed during lockdown

By LUO WANGSHU | China Daily | Updated: 2022-04-11

Daily necessities including vegetables, eggs and meat are being sent from across the country to Shanghai to ensure people have sufficient supplies during the citywide lockdown.

Trucker Wei Mingyuan and his peers departed Fujian province at dawn on Wednesday-driving three trucks of vegetables north to Shanghai-and arrived on Wednesday evening, according to Fujian Federation of Trade Unions.

The 90 metric tons of vegetables, including cabbages, cucumbers and carrots, were sent to canteens to feed frontline epidemic control workers in Shanghai.

The vehicles and drivers went through strict disinfection and nucleic acid tests before departure.

"The mission was challenging but we will make all the efforts to accomplish it," Wei said before departure.

According to Fujian Federation of Trade Unions, the vegetables were picked early in the morning on the day of departure to ensure quality and transported to Shanghai within 24 hours.

On Thursday morning, Chen Caikou, who is responsible for receiving supplies from Shanghai Chengtou Group, received 20 tons of vegetables from Fujian.

He managed to send them to more than 20 locations to ensure the frontline workers can have the fresh vegetables on their dinner tables.

In addition to Fujian, Shanghai's neighboring province Zhejiang sent vegetables and epidemic control supplies to Shanghai on short notice.

According to local media, Hangzhou's Fuyang district sent more than 260 tons of baby bamboo and 1.5 tons of other fresh vegetables to the city.

Six trucks loaded with 50 tons of vegetables and 1,200 protective gowns were sent from Taizhou, Zhejiang to Shanghai. The goods arrived at 10 communities in the city's Huangpu district.

Enterprises in Zhejiang also offered help. Food manufacturer Juxiang Food Corp in Quzhou maximized its production capacity to produce 300 tons of noodles to be sent to Shanghai.

Whole food corporation Mingkanghui in Hangzhou also used its large capacity to produce fresh food for Shanghai.

Shanghai's COVID-19 outbreak began March 1. The city reported 21,222 new locally transmitted infections on Thursday, bringing the total tally of infections to 131,524.

Districts east of the Huangpu River have been locked down since March 28.

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