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Fujian farm awash in blossoms from Taiwan

By Hu Meidong | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-03-24


Tailin Farm is famous for its countless cherry trees, which burst into blossom every March. [Photo by Shi Liangni/provided to Chinadaily.com.cn]

Cherry blossoms are gracing many places across China in March. One of the best places to see them is Tailin Farm, a fruit tree farm run by a man from Taiwan in Zhangzhou, a prefecture-level city in Fujian province.

Hundreds of cherry trees were brought by Lin Wenxian and planted along the winding mountainside. Lin is from Taiwan but settled down in Zhangzhou 23 years ago.

With the picturesque scenery of cherry trees wrapped by pink clouds, the fruit farm rose to social media stardom. It attracts tourists from across the country for a romantic interlude, strolling beneath the blossoms lining the walkways.

The whole area is immersed in a poetic atmosphere, as the farm is transformed into a floral paradise. It's recognized as a great place to have a taste of nature and for tourists to relax.

Lin Yuanjun contributed to this story

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