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    Frenchman's apprenticeship at Fujian Tulou


    French influencer Jeremy Grinan stood before the 108-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Tulou in East China's Fujian province, embarking not on a mere visit, but an apprenticeship with Chen Jingying, a Tulou homestay proprietor.

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    Exploring puppetry: Tunisian in Fujian


    Fujian puppetry, which dates back more than 1,500 years, is listed among China's national intangible cultural heritage.

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    Discovering innovative agri-tech in Fujian


    Join Bradley as he explores Ningde in Fujian province, uncovering fascinating innovations in agri- and aquaculture tech. From vast rain shelters over vineyards in Fu'an to biodegradable plastic pens for rearing large yellow croakers off the coast of Ningde, this trip highlights the revolutionizing of traditional practices.

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    Fujian bridge to receive prestigious intl award


    The Shaxi Bridge in Fujian will receive the prestigious Eugene C. Figg Jr. Medal at the 2024 International Bridge Conference in San Antonio, United States, in June.

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    Rediscovering Tradition: The Art of Jianzhan Porcelain


    Huang Wenhua and his wife have given up their careers in Beijing and embarked on a journey to revitalize the art of Jianzhan porcelain. Their exploration hall in Nanping, East China's Fujian province, offers visitors the opportunity to learn about this traditional tea bowl fired in a kiln. Join Michelle as she unveils the beauty of the art of kaolin and fire.

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    Huotong String Lion Dance: Promoting Traditional Culture with Youth Power


    The Huotong String Lion Dance is a unique folk art and a precious cultural heritage of Ningde, East China’s Fujian province. Join Michelle as she goes on a journey to discover how younger generations in the region have preserved and passed down this captivating traditional art form.

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    Fujian's ICH items to debut on CCTV-1


    The program "China's Intangible Cultural Heritage" (Fujian Chapter), produced by China Central Television (CCTV) and filmed in Putian's historic neighborhood in East China's Fujian province, will be broadcasted on CCTV-1 on the evening of April 22.