• Craftsmen turn shells into artwork in Pingtan


    In Fujian Province's Pingtan County, there are special shell resources. Pingtan residents created outstanding shell carvings in the last century by using wisdom and creativity to transform shells. Today, people are still in awe of the many colorful and inventive shell sculptures from Pingtan thanks to the tireless efforts of artisans.

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    Fujian prepares for dragon year with meticulous wood carving work


    As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon approaches, workers in a wood carving factory work diligently to fulfill orders in Panshan village, Jinjiang, Fujian province. The workers meticulously craft exquisite temple wood carvings, such as dragon pillars and heads.

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    Giving folk art a sharper profile


    Both craft and tradition are fading away with the younger generation. Zhou, who has maintained her ties and is dedicated to preserving the art, set up a workshop in 2008 to produce and sell paper-cuts and train craftspeople.

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    Fujian man keeps traditional stove craft alive for future generations


    Fubang stoves are the intangible cultural heritage of Longyan and embody the cultural identity of the Hakka people. They are typically used for boiling water and brewing medicine.

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    Unique craft makes Fuzhou jasmine tea extraordinarily fragrant


    The craft of making Fuzhou jasmine tea consists of an intricate process that has been honed over the course of centuries and has been listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.