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  • Gulang Islet


    Gulang Islet, located to the southwest of Xiamen Island, and separated from Xiamen Island by the 600-meter-wide Lujiang Strait to require a 5-minute ferry.

  • Shipaiyang


    Located to the west of Haitan Island and 1.4 kilometers from Kan'ao village in Su'ao town, Shipaiyang is one of the most marvelous natural wonders in Pingtan, Fujian province.

  • Fujian leads nation in ecological preservation


    Fujian continued to lead the nation in terms air and water quality and general living environment in 2018 while keeping itself on the fast lane of economic growth, a government press conference said on Monday.

  • Yongding Tulou


    Tulou, or earthen houses, are widely scattered in Yongding and Nanjing counties, Fujian province.