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Xiamen receives more foreign tourists due to China's visa-free policy

en.fao.xm.gov.cn | Updated: 2024-07-04

1719908453068001172.jpgA foreign traveler uses a self-service entry registration terminal. [Photo/Xiamen Daily]

On July 1, China started trialing a visa-free policy for ordinary passport holders from New Zealand, Australia, and Poland. China's "visa-free circle of friends" continues to expand.

Australian businessman Jon arrived in Xiamen on a flight from Sydney on July 1. He runs a travel services company in Australia and has numerous Chinese partners. He mentioned that with the visa-free policy for Australia now in effect, it has become much more convenient to visit friends or discuss business collaborations in China.

The flight Jon was on carried over 220 passengers, including more than 110 foreigners. Among them, nearly 50 were visa-free travelers from the three countries, accounting for over 40 percent of all foreign passengers on the flight.

China has recently introduced several visa optimization policies for travelers coming to the country, resulting in a steady increase in the number of foreign arrivals. 

As of June 30 this year, nearly 200,000 foreign nationals had entered Xiamen through Gaoqi International Airport, which is three times the number during the same period last year. Among them, the number of visa-free foreign arrivals has significantly increased to nearly 70,000.

To make it easier for foreign nationals to enter China, the Gaoqi Border Inspection Station has launched a self-service entry registration terminal at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. This improves the trip by making the customs check fast, convenient and efficient. 

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