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Fujian's thriving marine economy

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2024-06-27

6642a0f3a31082fc2b6de278.jpegA national fishing industry base is seen in Lianjiang. Officials are now looking at locating fish farms farther off shore to keep shipping lanes clear and protect the environment. CHINA DAILY

Fujian's extensive marine resources not only supply ample food for humanity but also drive the growth of its marine economy. With a coastline spanning 3,752 kilometers and a sea area of 136,000 square kilometers, Fujian fully capitalizes on its coastal abundance.

Historically, Fujian's ancestors have been deeply involved in fishing and actively developed a marine industry. The province has strategically shifted its focus towards aquaculture for sustainable development in recent years.

Technological innovation has helped drive a continuous increase in aquaculture production. Ningde has made significant strides in artificial breeding, leading to increased aquaculture output. The city pioneered the industrialized aquaculture of the large yellow croaker in 2000, establishing it as a prominent species among China's top four marine fish.

While traditional marine aquaculture concentrated on nearshore areas, the saturation of coastal waters in terms of space and environmental resources prompted a necessary shift towards deeper waters.

Traditional fishery farming relied heavily on experience and manual labor. In contrast, deep-sea aquaculture equipment harnesses the power of intelligence and digital capabilities.

To date, Fujian has invested in 18 sets of deep-sea aquaculture platforms, with a total aquaculture water volume exceeding 470,000 cubic meters. The province is making significant strides towards high-quality development in the fisheries industry relying on equipment and digital technology.

In today's globally integrated seafood trade and processing industry, Fujian's seafood enterprises are actively involved in global procurement, sourcing, and sales.

Fujian province currently boasts 27 deep-sea fishing enterprises with more than 600 vessels, placing it at the forefront in terms of comprehensive strength.

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