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CFET set to deepen cross-Strait integration and development

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2024-05-15

640.pngThe Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade. [Photo/FZ News]

The 26th Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade (CFET) is set to be held in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, from May 16 to 19. The event aims to deepen integration and development across the Taiwan Strait, establishing a comprehensive, multi-level platform for opening-up and cooperation.

With key milestones such as the 30th anniversary of "China (Fuzhou) International Investment Month" and the 40th anniversary of the first mainland-funded Taiwan enterprise, discussions and activities will revolve around the theme "Deepening Cross-Strait Integration, Building the First Home for Taiwan Residents and Enterprises". The event will feature five major activities, three exchange platforms, and various investment promotion and industry matchmaking initiatives.

This year's event highlights three main aspects:

First, it will emphasize high-quality integration and development. The event will feature an area for showcasing achievements in exploring new pathways for promoting the integrated development of both sides of the Strait and build a demonstration zone for integrated cross-Strait development. Additionally, a cross-Strait exchange and sharing meeting will provide a platform for influential Taiwan entrepreneurs and successful youth to share their experiences.

Secondly, it will emphasize CFET's role as an investment promotion platform. The event will celebrate the 30th anniversary of "China (Fuzhou) International Investment Month" by showcasing achievements and facilitating agreements between Fortune Global 500 companies, industry leaders, and Taiwan, foreign, and overseas investment for significant projects.

Lastly, it will address the needs of Taiwan compatriots and enterprises. Aligning closely with advantageous industries in Fujian and Taiwan, the event will deepen integration and development of cross-Strait industrial and supply chains. By focusing on new business forms, economies, and technologies, platforms like e-commerce selection centers and experience museums will be established to promote cross-Strait economic, trade, and industrial cooperation, facilitating Taiwan's integration into the Chinese mainland market.

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