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Fujian eyes high-quality growth driven by new quality productive forces

Xinhua | Updated: 2024-04-09

2.pngThis undated file photo shows containers awaiting shipping at a port in Xiamen. [Photo by Wang XieYun/China Daily]

BEIJING - East China's Fujian province has set its eyes on high-quality growth driven by new quality productive forces.

Zhao Long, governor of Fujian, told a press briefing in Beijing on Monday that it is the right time for Fujian to develop new quality productive forces as it enjoys a relatively complete industrial chain and strong entrepreneurial and innovation spirits among its citizens.

Fujian has 38 of all 41 industrial categories, with the industries moving up the value chain while getting smarter and greener.

Zhao said Fujian targets a year-on-year growth of over 18 percent for its research and development (R&D) spending this year, with the number of national-level high-tech enterprises exceeding 13,000.

Over the past decade, Fujian's total R&D spending exceeded 630 billion yuan ($88.8 billion) with the number of national-level high-tech enterprises exceeding 12,000.

According to the governor, the coastal province will help traditional enterprises go digital and smarter and develop an array of emerging and future industries, including new-generation information technology, new energy, biomedicine, AI, and quantum technology.

Fujian will seek green and low-carbon growth by developing new energy industries and getting all its manufacturing enterprises powered by green electricity, Zhao stated.

Meanwhile, over the past decade, Fujian's gross domestic product (GDP) had more than doubled to 5.4 trillion yuan last year, ranking eighth among all provincial-level regions, with the per capita GDP reaching 130,000 yuan, ranking fourth.

Over the past decade, its per capita disposal income has nearly doubled to 45,000 yuan, ranking seventh nationwide. The per capita disposal income for rural residents reached 27,000 yuan in 2023, ranking sixth.

In the next five years, Fujian will strive to build more than 1,000 provincial-level rural revitalization demonstration villages, Guo Ningning, executive vice governor of Fujian, told the press conference.

Fujian has also made great achievements in the environment.

Its average density of PM2.5, a key indicator of air pollution, stood at 20 micrograms per cubic meter in cities with districts, 10 micrograms lower than the national average.

Fujian's intensity of major pollutant emissions was at 60 percent of the national average, and its forest coverage rate reached 65.12 percent, ranking first in the country for 45 consecutive years.

Zhao added that Fujian is promoting green transition and consumption while beefing up efforts to protect its air, water and soil and to strengthen ecological protection and restoration.

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