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Xiamen's business environment indicators rank first in Fujian for 5 consecutive years

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2024-04-03

9.jpgThe national meeting in Xiamen to optimize the business environment. [Photo/Xiamen Development and Reform Commission]

The Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission utilized a digital monitoring and supervision platform to monitor and supervise business environment improvement efforts in nine cities and one district throughout 2023. 

Xiamen's business environment indicators ranked first in the province for the fifth consecutive year.

Out of 18 primary indicators, Xiamen achieved an overall score of 95.72, with 14 indicators setting the provincial benchmark (two more than in 2022), and 12 indicators ranking first in the province (one more than in 2022).

Over the past year, the National Development and Reform Commission held a national meeting in Xiamen to optimize the business environment, and Xiamen's methods to improve its business environment have been promoted nationwide. 

Xiamen has implemented new measures to improve the business environment, supporting the high-quality development of enterprises, and has introduced three sets of 141 key tasks at the city level. 

Xiamen has also developed numerous innovative practices in optimizing the business environment that have received recognition at the national and provincial levels. 

For example, Xiamen has enacted and implemented the "Xiamen Special Economic Zone Business Environment Optimization Regulations" through local legislation, and has designated Nov 1 as "Xiamen Business Environment Day".

Over the past year, Xiamen saw the signing of 756 project agreement with a planned investment of 80.35 billion yuan ($11.1 billion) over three years. There were 796 new landed projects with a planned investment of 151.87 billion yuan over three years. 

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