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Xiamen incentivizes manufacturing enterprises to pursue intelligent manufacturing

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2024-03-21

Xiamen recently introduced a series of measures aimed at accelerating the integration of next-generation information technology and the manufacturing industry. These initiatives, supported by significant incentives, are specifically designed to encourage manufacturing enterprises to transition towards intelligent manufacturing, thereby expediting the fusion of next-generation information technology and manufacturing.

The measures target industries dominated by next-generation information networks, core electronic industries, new software and information technology services, internet and cloud computing, big data services, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. They focus on Xiamen's new infrastructure, digital transformation, and industrial internet services, with eligible enterprises in these sectors receiving support.

In an effort to foster models of transformation and upgrading, companies recognized as national-level industrial internet pilot demonstration projects, national-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, and more will be awarded a maximum of up to 1 million yuan ($140,000). Similarly, companies achieving national-level excellence in intelligent manufacturing scenarios will receive rewards of up to 500,000 yuan. Subsidies for digital transformation and technological improvements will be increased as well.

Additionally, the measures support the establishment of benchmark digital empowerment platforms in Xiamen by renowned domestic and international industrial internet platforms, providing digital and intelligent services to enterprises. These platforms will receive a five percent subsidy based on their digital service income, with each eligible platform receiving a maximum cumulative subsidy of five million yuan.

Over the past year, the total output of Xiamen's digital economy has exceeded 450 billion yuan, with 600 new national high-tech enterprises emerging, bringing the total to over 4,200, representing approximately 30 percent of the province's total high-tech enterprises.

These measures aim to fully engage the enthusiasm of small and medium-sized enterprises for digital transformation and to support the high-quality development of Xiamen's manufacturing industry.

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