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Fujian takes measures to support Xiamen's leading future industries

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2024-02-21


A worker operates high-precision instruments. [Photo/Xiamen Daily]

Fujian province recently issued the "Action Plan for Enhancing Advantaged Export-oriented Industries (2024-25)", proposing the implementation of the "234 Project" across the province. 

The action plan specifies that by 2025, the total revenue of the province's advantageous export-oriented industries should strive to reach 2.8 trillion yuan ($389 billion) and its total exports should account for approximately 4.8 percent of the national total.

The "234 Project" refers to the continuous expansion of exports in the two pillar industries: electronic information and petrochemicals. It also aims to enhance the export competitiveness of three traditional advantageous industries: textile and apparel, steel and non-ferrous metals, and specialty agricultural products. 

Additionally, it seeks to explore international market demand for four strategic emerging industries: lithium batteries, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic equipment, and future industries, while fully tapping into the potential of international trade in services.

Xiamen has a strong strategic advantage in the layout of future industries. The action plan aims to support the city in becoming a leader in future industries, further facilitating communication channels for international trade cooperation and developing the future biotechnology industry with gene-related technologies as its core support.

Simultaneously, the city will accelerate the construction of a provincial-level artificial intelligence (AI) industrial park, promote technological innovation and industrialization in areas such as new human-machine interaction and natural language processing, promote typical application scenarios, and work to attract more high-quality AI enterprises and projects.

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