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Fujian unveils 12 measures to foster cross-border e-commerce innovation

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2024-01-19

Fujian province recently introduced 12 measures aimed at fostering cross-border e-commerce innovation and development.

These measures include the following:

Strengthening the construction of comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce and enhancing talent teams.

Rewarding comprehensive pilot zones that demonstrate rapid progress.

Promoting Fujian goods around the world, developing a "cross-border e-commerce + industrial belt" model, encouraging integration with Fujian's characteristic industrial sectors, such as textile and apparel, sports equipment, bamboo and wood products, and new energy, and providing support policies to facilitate swift enterprise entry and traffic support.

Helping comprehensive pilot zones identify key industrial parks for cross-border e-commerce, introducing service-oriented enterprises to provide one-stop services, and establishing a regional live e-commerce industrial base featuring innovative cross-border e-commerce live broadcasts.

Facilitating International Logistics Channels. Leveraging Fujian's geographical advantage, utilizing overseas Chinese resources, enhancing sea and air freight services, and coordinating support policies for international transportation routes and flights.

Establishing a public service platform for overseas warehouses, facilitating business connections, ensuring end-to-end traceability, and providing regulatory support for customs, taxation, and foreign exchange management authorities.

Enhancing import model innovation. Exploring a new retail model for cross-border e-commerce bonded imports outside special customs supervision zone, featuring "on-site experience, online ordering, and rapid delivery" to expand the scale of cross-border e-commerce imports.

Organizing compliance training for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to improve their awareness and capabilities for standardized operations and tax refund procedures.

Encouraging comprehensive pilot zones to provide fiscal support in the form of interest subsidies and risk undertaking, and promoting the active participation of financial institutions in business and service innovation.

Strengthening talent pool development. Encouraging the establishment of cross-border e-commerce majors in colleges and universities to cultivate a group of individuals with comprehensive expertise in e-commerce, international trade, and finance and taxation.

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