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Fujian to host 15th Straits Forum

Xinhua | Updated: 2023-06-05

The 15th Straits Forum will be held in Fujian province on the Chinese mainland from June 16, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said on Wednesday.

The main conference is scheduled to commence on June 17, with the primary venue set up in the coastal city of Xiamen, according to Zhu Fenglian.

Diverse individuals from various backgrounds in Taiwan will participate in the forum, including representatives from political parties, co-sponsors of the event, professionals from different industries, and members of religious circles, Zhu said.

A total of 51 events will take place during this forum, focusing on promoting cultural and economic exchanges and communication among the youth and people at the primary level across the Taiwan Strait, the spokesperson added.

The forum, co-hosted by 84 institutions from both sides of the Strait, will offer more than 1,200 jobs and 1,000 internship and training opportunities to young people from Taiwan.

The forum aims to foster cooperation across diverse sectors, such as rural revitalization, and entrepreneurship among young people from Taiwan, as well as industries encompassing science, education, culture and finance, Zhu said.

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