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Phase I of China-Indonesia 'Two Countries, Twin Parks' project starts land expropriation

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2023-05-26

The land acquisition and demolition process for the China-Indonesia "Two Countries, Twin Parks" project (Phase I) in the Yuanhong Investment Zone in Zhaiqian village, Chengtou town, Fuqing in Fujian province started on May 23.

"This demolition is the first large-scale one for the project after the approval of the overall plan of the China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Innovation Development Demonstration Park It is also an important step for Fuqing to promote the construction of the project with high standards," said a person in charge of the Yuanhong Functional Area of Fuzhou New District.

"More than 300 of our cadres were split into 26 working groups and have settled in the headquarters early. They also explain relevant policies to the residents," said Li Zhanggui, a cadre at the relocation headquarters.


The renovation of the main road Haicheng Road will start next month. [Photo/Fuzhou Daily]

According to the plan, the tasks involved include the construction of infrastructure, industrial development, public services and resettlement housing. Among them, the most important is the construction of Haicheng Road, which will be transformed into an urban trunk road. The construction, which will begin in June, will cost about 1.04 billion yuan ($147.27million).

"Haicheng Road, with a total length of 13.05 kilometers, is not only an important gateway road in the eastern part of Fuqing, but also a traffic artery in the Yuanhong Investment Zone," said Cheng Jianen, who is from the construction team.

The widening and renovation project also includes the widening and reconstruction of Chengtou Avenue and other roads. After completion, the traffic conditions of the park will be further improved and the overall image of the Yuanhong Functional Area enhanced.

Public service facilities are also included in the plan. For example, Fuqing Yuanhong Hospital will be built to better meet the needs for medical treatment and health care in the zone.

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