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​CPPCC member Cai Chongda: Tap into Fujian's culture to develop content industry

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2023-01-12


Cai Chongda introduces his proposal during an interview. [Photo by Feng Chuanye/fjsen.com]

Writer Cai Chongda, a new member of the 13th Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), proposed tapping into Fujian's culture to promote the development of the content industry in the province at the annual session of the province's political advisory body, according to a report from fjsen.com.

"This proposal includes my own personal feelings and experiences," Cai said during an interview with fjsen.com. He said that he has lived in Beijing for many years, mainly because many of the industrial chains he is engaged in that are related to the content, publishing, film and television industries are in Beijing and Shanghai. "Maybe a lot of people in this industry resonate with me, and we want to go back to our hometowns."

"In recent years, the development of the content industry has had some changing trends. Influenced by multimedia and the richness of content creation themes throughout the industry, the content industry has the opportunity to migrate and develop to more cities with cultural textures," Cai added.

Cai believes that Fujian is a rich mining area of culture, and Fujian's human resources and natural resources are second to none in the country. The change in the industrial trend has also ushered in an important opportunity for the development of the content industry in Fujian.

"The most important product of a city is life, and the content industry is not only an industry, but also related to the spiritual life of a city," Cai said. He also noted that he is actively participating in matchmaking related work, hoping to contribute to the development of the content industry in Fujian.

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