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Fujian businesses grab orders overseas

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-12-22


Foreign trade enterprise representatives from Fujian negotiate deals at an overseas business exhibition. [Photo provided by the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province]

As China further optimizes its COVID-19 policies, many enterprises in Fujian province who are eager to go global have ramped up their efforts to grab international orders and they gained strong support from the government.

Local authorities in Fujian have been encouraging foreign trade enterprises to "go out" and have sent business delegations on chartered flights to explore overseas business opportunities in an effort to expand their footprint in overseas markets and boost international trade.

Led by the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, "Selling Fujian Products Worldwide" activities have also been held to help private enterprises participate in overseas business exhibitions.

Under government support and favorable policies, many local enterprises are sending representatives on business trips overseas to visit potential clients, seek cooperation and attend activities, which include exhibitions and business negotiations that aim to attract more business orders and foreign investment.

It is widely recognized that in the foreign trade industry one face-to-face greeting is sometimes much better than communicating via thousands of emails.

Many enterprises who participated in the overseas business exhibitions have brought in big deals through face-to-face negotiations. The entrepreneurs thanked the government for providing this great opportunity to attract new customers and maintain their existing clients.

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