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CATL makes strategic partnerships toward building better NEVs

By Cheng Yu | Updated: 2022-12-16


Visitors gather at the booth of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) during a new energy vehicle expo held in Beijing in August. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Contemporary Amperex Technology, or CATL, the world's largest battery supplier, announced on Wednesday that it has signed a cooperation memorandum with Huawei Terminal Co Ltd, where the two companies said will join hands "to build global high-end car brand".

According to the memorandum, CATL will offer high-quality automotive power battery products to support Huawei's smart car products to move faster to meet market demand.

"The move also marked both parties' further investment in intelligent network electric vehicle technology and efforts in jointly building global high-end automobile brands," it said.

The two companies, along with Changan Automobile Group, have jointly invested in Avatr Technology, an emerging electric vehicle maker earlier.

The same day, the Ningde, Fujian province-based company signed a cooperation memorandum with automobile manufacturer Chery Holding.

In addition to passenger car battery supply and technical cooperation, the two parties will also jointly explore battery replacement in buses, logistics vehicles, heavy trucks and electric ships.

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