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Dedicated delegate always puts people first

By CAO YIN | China Daily | Updated: 2022-10-21


Lin Dan, community worker in Fujian

Walking through the alleys of Junmen community in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, to learn about the difficulties of local residents and observe their living conditions is one of Lin Dan's daily routines.

"Working in a residential community is not something very big, but every aspect of my job matters to people's well-being," said Lin, Party chief of the community and also a delegate to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

As a staff member who has worked for the community for more than 50 years, the 73-year-old woman added, "I'm an attendant of people, not an official."

After finding that a number of local residents have difficulty picking up children from school in the evening and making meals for their old parents at noon due to their workload, Lin, along with her colleagues, established service centers in the community to solve the problem in 2009.

"We asked our volunteers to pick up students whose parents are working and bring them back to our tutoring center after school and help them with their homework, and we also provide lunch for senior citizens in an elder care center to alleviate their children's burden in family affairs," Lin said.

An old widow surnamed Wu had been living alone and paralyzed in bed for years. After learning about her physical condition in 1994, Lin began sending three meals to Wu's home every day. Sometimes, Lin also bought fruit and milk for the neighbor. Such daily care lasted until Wu died in 2003.

"I took Wu as my mom. What I did every daughter would do," said Lin, who has been awarded as a National Outstanding Community Worker and National Model Worker.

In 1991, a resident surnamed Wang in the community was sentenced to eight years in prison for theft. His mother died during his prison term, and their rented apartment was also taken back by the landlord. After he was released, Lin took him into her home.

At that time, Lin's daughters and mother-in-law all disagreed with her move because Wang had a tainted record. But Lin patiently persuaded them, saying "Wang will be motivated to keep living and get back on track if we give him more care and love."

To help Wang better reconnect with the outside world and feel the warmth of a family, Lin encouraged him to talk to other residents in the community, and made birthday noodles for him.

Under Lin's continuous efforts, Wang successfully found a job about six months after he was freed, and later married and had his own family.

To ensure every resident can contact her in a timely manner, Lin never turns off her mobile phone, and she once helped neighbors mediate disputes in her home.

"As a community staff member, my duty is to serve the people," she said. "I'm always ready to provide services and I'm standing by to help residents solve difficulties."

Last year, she became one of 29 people who received the July 1 Medal conferred by the CPC Central Committee to outstanding members.

"There's no best, only better in terms of community work," she said, adding that she will keep her promise of being an attendant when she joined the Party in 1985 to offer high-quality services for residents.


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