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Video: Island Goes Green for Future

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-10-14

Fujian, a province in East China, boasts prosperous history and culture. The five-episode bilingual series Let's Travel Fujian, produced by China Daily website, offers a deeper understanding of what Fujian province is all about by exploring unique buildings, folk arts, and ecological ways of development. 

Dean Paul Van Zyl from South Africa carried out a five-day journey through the province. Dean took the highspeed train to Pingtan island in Fuzhou on the last day. He was impressed by spectacular views of the Taiwan Straits when crossing over the Pingtan Strait Road-Rail Bridge, China's first and the world's largest cross-sea road-rail bridge. 

The wind turbines in the Changjiang'ao Wind Farm stretch for as far as the eye can see along this coastline, perfectly placed to ensure that the wind coming off the sea is able to be generated into clean, sustainable energy for Fujian province.

Let's follow Dean and embark on an exciting trip starting with Episode Five: Island Goes Green for Future of the series.

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