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Video: Echoes of Ancient Folk Music

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-10-13

Fujian, a province in East China, boasts prosperous history and culture. The five-episode bilingual series Let's Travel Fujian, produced by China Daily website, offers a deeper understanding of what Fujian province is all about by exploring unique buildings, folk arts, and ecological ways of development.

Dean Paul Van Zyl from South Africa carried out a five-day journey through the province. Nanyin, a style of Chinese classical music with a history over a thousand years, impressed Dean on his fourth stop in Quanzhou.

Nanyin, referred to as a "living fossil" of music, is one of the four oldest forms of Chinese music that is preserved in its original state. It is a symbol of Quanzhou, and a bridge that connects ancient civilization to modern times. 

Let's check out the Episode Four: Echoes of Ancient Folk Music of the series.

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