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Video: A Day of Fisherman

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-10-12

Fujian, a province in East China, boasts prosperous history and culture. The five-episode bilingual series Let's Travel Fujian, produced by China Daily website, offers a deeper understanding of what Fujian province is all about by exploring unique buildings, folk arts, and ecological ways of development.

Dean Paul Van Zyl from South Africa carried out a five-day journey through the province. Xiapu county, a coastal county in northeast Fujian with the longest coastline of 505 kilometers was Dean's second stop. The county boasts beautiful beach scenery and tasty seafood.

Xiapu is home to numerous floating islands, which bring a lot of economic benefits to the area. It is becoming increasingly reliant on forms of green energy such as solar power.

Let's check out the Episode Two: A Day of Fisherman of the series.

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