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17th Games of Fujian to be held in Nanping

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-09-22

The 17th Games of Fujian is scheduled to kick off in Nanping on Nov 6, officials announced at a press conference held on Sept 20.

All the participants will be divided into five groups to compete in 1,307 events in 80 categories.

The opening ceremony, themed on fu culture, will showcase Fujian's rich history and culture as well as display the economic and social development achievements of Nanping and Fujian province with the help of digital technologies.

The overall design of the logo of the 17th Games of Fujian is based on Fujian's fu culture, and its mascots Nannan and Pingping are based on bamboo shoots and Wuyi tea, respectively, highlighting the ecological characteristics of Nanping.

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The logo of the 17th Games of Fujian. [Photo/WeChat account: zmb_707]

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The 17th Games of Fujian's mascots Nannan and Pingping. [Photo/WeChat account: zmb_707]

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