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Tourism thrives in Pingtan

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-08-26


A panoramic view of Tannan bay in Pingtan, Fujian province. [Photo by Lin Yingshu/fjsen.com]

During the first half of this year, Pingtan in Fujian province received 3.25 million tourists and raked in 2.3 billion yuan ($335.17 million) in total tourism income.

Behind the numbers are Pingtan's efforts to develop itself into an upgraded international tourism island.

In recent years, Pingtan has been implementing various tourism projects, and promoting its transformation from a traditional sightseeing island to an experiential leisure vacation destination.

For example, Pingtan International Performing Arts Center in Fujian province, a new cultural landmark in Pingtan, was put into operation in the end of July. The center features a grand theater, a multi-function hall, and a public cultural center. The symphony, Haixia Haixia, debuted at the center on July 29.

In recent years, Pingtan has held a number of international kitesurfing events, which attract a large number of domestic and overseas kitesurfing enthusiasts. In 2021 alone, the 9th Pingtan International Kitesurfing Festival attracted 110 domestic and foreign kite surfers to compete in the event.

The kitesurfing event exemplifies that Pingtan has been bolstering its efforts to boost tourism through the competitions.

Since 2017, Pingtan has been awarded "China's top 10 sports tourism destinations" for five consecutive years.

At the beginning of this year, Pingtan implemented a policy based on catering, accommodation, travelling, tourism, shopping, and entertainment industries to improve its tourism infrastructure, standardize the order of the tourism market, and promote the construction of smart tourism platforms to boost its quality of tourism.


Sea creature-shaped kites are flown at the 2022 Pingtan Kitesurfing Festival. [Photo by Jiang Xinheng/fjsen.com]


Tourists drive go-karts at the Pingtan International Karting Circuit in Pingtan, Fujian province. [Photo by Jiang Xinheng/fjsen.com]

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