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Forum to promote greener and sustainable development

By Ouyang Shijia | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-06-27

The BRICS High-level Forum on Sustainable Development will be held June 29-30 in Fuzhou, East China's Fujian province.

It is hoped the forum will help enhance the cooperation between BRICS members; promote a strong recovery of the world economy and foster greener, healthier, safer and more sustainable global development, according to the National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top economic regulator,

Gao Jian, deputy director-general of the Department of International Cooperation of the NDRC, told a media briefing on Friday in Beijing that the meeting aims to inject new impetus into the high-quality and sustainable development of BRICS members amid the COVID-19 outbreaks and changes in the international environment.

The forum is organized by the NDRC's Department of International Cooperation, Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, the NDRC's International Cooperation Center and Fuzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

Several forums covering topics such as anti-pandemic cooperation, digital economy, bulk commodity and green and low-carbon development will be held during the event, which will be attended both online and offline by more than 300 participants from governments, institutions, organizations and enterprises. 

Specifically, a Fuzhou initiative on BRICS industrial cooperation will be released during the event, and the forum will announce the establishment of the BRICS industrial cooperation alliance. 

Liu Jianxing, deputy director of the International Cooperation Center of the NDRC, said the alliance will offer a high-quality and multi-level exchange platform for BRICS members, which will help enhance industrial cooperation and promote a strong economic recovery for BRICS members as well as promote greener, healthier, safer and more sustainable global development.

According to Liu, the first batch of alliance members includes 8 leading enterprises in many different fields such as energy, food, minerals, medicine, infrastructure, green and low-carbon field and finance and more than 10 Chinese and foreign partners which include international organizations.

Liu said the alliance will promote exchange and information sharing among members, strive to create several demonstration projects for industrial cooperation among BRICS countries and enhance cooperation.

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