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China immigration starts new helpline

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-06-16

China's National Immigration Administration launched its new service hotline 12367 on April 8, 2021, in an effort to further improve immigration administration and make immigration-related information more accessible.

In view of the challenges presented by the current immigration management consulting services – with service numbers that vary in different places, numbers that are hard to remember and lines that are often busy – the National Immigration Administration launched its new 12367 number as a comprehensive service platform.

The platform connects all the existing service hotlines to the immigration inspection offices, as well as the exit-entry administration department of public security organs around the country by internet cloud deployment and artificial intelligence technology.

The platform provides 24/7 Chinese and English services. All immigration-related policy consultations, advice and other services will be classified and then accepted.

The immigration inspection department in the city of Xiamen in East China's Fujian province has set up a 24/7 hotline for guidance on entry and exit border inspections to support the new platform.

To meet the local requirements in Fujian, the Xiamen immigration inspection hotline will also provide a local dialect service.

With the official launch of 12367, the former 2262203 hotline of the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau's Exit and Entry Administration has been officially discontinued.

When a person dials 12367, it will automatically identify the place where the caller's number belongs and connect to the exit and entry administration department there. People who use a number registered in other places, but need to consult the Xiamen exit and entry administration directly, can just add 0592 before 12367.

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