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Software park grows as industrial landmark

China Daily | Updated: 2021-12-01


Business representatives hold discussions at an exhibition area in the third phase of the park. CHINA DAILY

Phase three

With a mission to expand the software and IT service industry, the third phase of the software park, located in the city's Jimei new town, is part of the park's efforts to integrate the industry and urban development.

Jimei new town in Jimei district is far away from the city's downtown area and is expected to be developed into another subcenter of the city.

In recent years, many major businesses have moved to the third phase of the park, such as public information security service provider Dragon Info. In July, Xiamen Constellation Satellite Application Research Institute settled in the park, with plans to launch the first tailor-made satellite for Xiamen in the first half of 2022.

As an example of cross-island development in Xiamen, the third phase of the park has developed rapidly.


The third phase of the software park located in Jimei district is a template for Xiamen's cross-island development. LIU JIANYING/FOR CHINA DAILY

An innovative management mechanism has been established that incorporates the parties of government, businesses and employees. Moreover, resources have been mobilized such as capital, intellectual property and talent services, in a bid to build an improved park that can provide businesses with more convenience.

Apart from supporting facilities including hotels, cafes and sports fields, the park is improving its transportation system to integrate offices, residences and leisure facilities, an official of the administrative committee of the park said.

As of October, the third phase had attracted 4,851 companies, with nearly 50,000 employees.

The park is building out its western area to become a destination for research and development and technological services. By the end of this year, the western area is expected to attract 143 companies, including some industrial leaders.

Guo Wei, Liu Qing and Li Shun contributed to this story.

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