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In Fujian province, foreigners find smooth sailing with vaccines

By Hu Meidong in Fuzhou and Chen Meiling | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-06-25

荷兰的Caspar Schutte和美国的Megan Johnson(女)在晋江市医院登记,等候接种疫苗。李玲玲 摄.jpg

About 70 foreigners have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Jinjiang, Fujian province, as of Wednesday. [Photo by Li Lingling/For chinadaily.com.cn]

Yaul Ken Mun from Malaysia, a chef in a hotel in Jinjiang, was the first foreigner in the city to complete all vaccinations in May. He said he has confidence in Chinese vaccines and "felt lucky to be able to get the vaccine so conveniently".

He was informed by the human resources department of the company that people working in catering, a key group for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, needed to be vaccinated first. He said he has contact with a number of people from different regions, so the vaccination is essential to protect himself and others.

"The workers in the hospital were very patient. I'm thankful for their help," he said, adding that in the early stages the computer system was very slow to input foreigners' information, but the medical workers explained patiently and assigned a worker to assist.

He has worked in the city for two years. In early 2020 when the pandemic broke out, he was required to work from home. For two months, his landlord gave him new face masks and other necessities every one or two weeks, which really touched him, he said.

As of Wednesday, about 70 foreigners had been vaccinated in Jinjiang. All foreigners in the city aged 18 or older can apply for a vaccine with a valid identity document if they desire, according to the city's health commission.

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