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Snacks, tea, tourism -- local industries boost rural vitalization

Xinhua | Updated: 2021-03-29

During his Fujian trip, he also visited a tea farm in Wuyishan City. "In the past, the tea industry was a pillar in your fight against poverty, and it should become a pillar industry of rural vitalization in the future," Xi said.

During an inspection trip to the southwestern Guizhou province in February this year, Xi visited a Miao embroidery workshop and applauded its role in promoting rural vitalization.

In May 2020, when inspecting the northern Shanxi province, Xi visited an organic daylily farm and said the daylily industry can become a big industry with great prospects.

With vast greenery and good ecological environment, Sanming's eco-tourism industry has maintained strong momentum. Last year, the city's eco-tourism industry alone generated a total revenue of 75 billion yuan.

In Guifeng, an 800-year-old village in Sanming known for its well-preserved ancient buildings, around 180,000 tourists have visited the village each year in the recent period.

"The scenery in my hometown is really beautiful," said 33-year-old villager Cai Wenjiang, a former migrant worker who has returned home and started a homestay business. "I hope more people will come and enjoy its beauty."

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