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Ecological tourism developed in Dongshan, Fujian

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-06-28


Dongshan county in Zhangzhou, East China's Fujian province, is making great efforts to develop ecological tourism. [Photo/dongshandao.gov.cn]

Dongshan Island in Dongshan county, Zhangzhou, is the second largest island in East China's Fujian province. The county occupies a total area of 248.9 square kilometers and consists of 76 outlying islands and more than 10 crescent-shaped bays.

Taking advantage of the rich tourism resources of the island, authorities in Dongshan county have been striving to develop its ecological tourism sector in a bid to promote all-for-one tourism and boost the income of local residents.

Statistics show that in 2019, the county received more than 7.2 million visitors, and tourism income reached about 7.5 billion yuan ($1.06 billion).

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