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Xiamen, Pakistan join hands to fight coronavirus

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-05-25


Officials in Xiamen, Fujian show solidarity with Pakistan during a video meeting with Naghmana Hashmi, Pakistan's ambassador to China, on May 20. [Photo/WeChat account: XIAMENFAO]

Xiamen, Fujian province announced that it would donate 400,000 yuan ($56,560) to help Pakistan fight the novel coronavirus outbreak during a video meeting between the city's foreign affairs office and Naghmana Hashmi, Pakistan's ambassador to China on May 20.

Li Xiaoping, director of the Xiamen foreign affairs office, said that Pakistan and China are strong partners. Pakistan was quick to support China by sending coronavirus-related donations and assistance to the country in the early stages of the epidemic.

Public life in Xiamen is now gradually returning to normal as the epidemic subsides, and locals are eager to return the favor now that Pakistan is in need.

Li also briefed the ambassador on Xiamen's economic and social development and the current situation facing Pakistani students in Xiamen. He then invited her to visit Xiamen.

Hashmi thanked Xiamen on behalf of the Pakistani government and its people.

She said the pandemic has tested the resilience of all countries and that China has proved itself capable of handling the health crisis.

The ambassador also said that she is looking forward to visiting Xiamen and further promoting bilateral economic and cultural cooperation.

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