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Fujian FTZ continues to deepen cross-Straits ties

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-04-26


The China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone has introduced 89 innovative measures to boost trade and investment with Taiwan over the past five years. [Photo/IC]

Designed as a major platform for business facilitation between Fujian and Taiwan, the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has spared no effort to deepen cooperation and exchange with Taiwan in industrial development, trade and finance and talent exchange since it started operations in April 2015.

As of March this year, a total of 2,520 Taiwan-funded enterprises with a contractual capital of $6.79 billion had settled in the zone.

Over the past five years, the zone has introduced 89 innovative measures to boost trade and investment with Taiwan, 47 of which were the first of their kind in the country.

Statistics show that Fujian FTZ has given Taiwan greater access to the mainland's more than 50 industrial sectors, including telecommunication, tourism, architecture and finance, and a series of Taiwan-funded projects were carried out in the zone, such as the country's first representative office of a law firm from Taiwan.

Efficient customs clearance procedures offer more convenience for trade between the two sides, and new shipping routes linking Fujian and Taiwan have been launched over the years, such as the Pingtan-Kaohsiung and Mawei-Matsu-Taipei routes, making it possible for Taiwan goods to arrive in the mainland much quicker than before.

Additionally, the Fujian FTZ is now home to 23 Taiwan-funded financial institutions, and the zone also opened green channels and simplified procedures for Taiwan companies to apply for loans, which has greatly enhanced economic cooperation between the two sides.

Comprehensive service platforms have been introduced to provide Taiwan compatriots with equal treatment in social security, education, business operations and employment on the mainland.

According to statistics, 13 Taiwan youth innovation and entrepreneurship bases have been set up in the zone over the years, which has attracted over 610 Taiwan firms and 2,500 Taiwan compatriots to the zone. 

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