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Fujian strengthens efforts to resume operations

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-02-25


An employee labors in a workshop belonging to Fujian Delin Machinery Company in Nan'an, Fujian province on Feb 10. [Photo by Huang Yupeng/Xinhua]

As of Feb 21, more than 14,768 (or 83.3 percent of) industrial enterprises above designated size in Fujian had resumed production, according to statistics released by the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

326 out of 348 leading provincial-level manufacturing enterprises in Fujian and 61 percent of the province's key industrial projects have now resumed production amid the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Fujian Great Donghai Corporation, a key private steel enterprise in Fujian, resumed normal operations in early February, and 3,800 employees are expected to come back to work.

The company has taken strict measures in the workplace based on the guidelines on epidemic prevention and control released by the Fujian government on Feb 11.

Company officials said that all employees with valid work permits need to wear masks and have their temperatures taken when entering the company's plants.

In light of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, Fujian has rolled out an array of measures to promote the resumption of work and production.

Industrial chains related to the electronic, petrochemical, and equipment industries have been revived and supporting enterprises have been pushed to resume operations faster.

The province's software industry has been encouraged to provide innovative products for epidemic prevention and control efforts.

The steel industry, which has been facing a rough time due to rising inventories and falling prices due to the outbreak, is expected to recover rapidly during the second quarter of this year with the help of the local government. 

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