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Fujian allocates 6m yuan to fight epidemic

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-02-12

By Jan 30, Fujian had allocated 483 million yuan ($69 million) for coronavirus prevention and control work, according to Chen Houluan, deputy head of the Fujian Provincial health Commission, at a press conference on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Fuzhou on Feb 10.

According to Chen, the Fujian government plans to allocate a total of 6 million yuan in special funds to hospitals and patients to fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak in the province.

Chen added that the funds should be mainly used as subsidies for designated hospitals to treat virus and purchase medical equipment and nucleic acid testing reagent, both of which are urgently needed.

Patients confirmed to be infected with the virus will receive subsidies from the local governments for their medical expenses that are not covered by insurance or medical aid.

The government will also offer subsidies for medical workers and other personnel involved in preventing and controlling the virus, and those who become infected with the virus while on duty will be compensated, according to Chen.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, the Fujian government has introduced a series of measures to control the virus and actively implemented policies to guarantee funds for epidemic prevention and control efforts, ensuring that the treatment of patients will not be affected due to medical costs.

The provincial financial department also implemented favorable policies for increasing procurement of medical supplies, and customs set up fast customs clearance procedures for imported materials to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Green channels were also opened up to ensure quick approval of emergency funds.

The government strengthened the supervision of funds for epidemic prevention and control, ensuring the money is spent where it is most needed.

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