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Footpaths to connect scenic spots in Fuzhou

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2019-07-26


A map of the four footpaths in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian Province. [Photo/fz.fjsen.com]

Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, is constructing four scenic footpaths with a total length of 125 kilometers, the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning said on July 23.

The four footpaths, which named Ji, Wen, Fu and Le, are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

According to Jin Huansheng, a staff member at the bureau, since the footpaths are allegorically named, their styles are quite different.

Ji footpath connects Guangminggang River, Jin'an River, Hot Spring Park, Jinjishan Mountain Park, Ancient City Park, and Forest Park. It is the longest among the four, measuring 44.6 kilometers. Running straight through Fuzhou from North to South, the footpath is named Ji, which means luck and sounds like backbone in Chinese, Jin said, adding that a branch of it will lead to the skywalk of Jinjishan Mountain.

The 14.2-kilometer Wen footpath starts from Beijiangbin (north riverside) and ends at West Lake. Passing through historic parks, the path is named Wen, which means culture in Chinese. People can go to West Lake from Minjiang River Park and visit scenic spots such as Binde Sluice, West Lake Sluice and Shao Park along the way.

Fu footpath passes the Provincial Sports Center and Jinniushan Mountain Park, combining the downtown landscape with natural scenery. It connects Pinshan Park, Zuohai River, Jinniushan Mountain and Minjiang River. The newly built Baofulu footpath will connect the Jinniushan Mountain footpath with Fushan Mountain.

Designed for fitness and relaxation, the 33.2-kilometer Le footpath passes by the Olympic Sports Center, Feifengshan Mountain Park, Liuhuaxi Lake and the footpath surrounding Nantai Island.

Instead of constructing extra footpaths, the four footpaths have been remolded on the basis of the already existing paths, making it more convenient for people to visit scenic spots in Fuzhou, said Jin.

According to him, the current footpath system could still be improved to better connect scenic spots. Service spots will also be set alongside the footpaths, providing WiFi, drinking water, charging facilities and first aid kits.

The four footpaths are distinguished by separate colors and signs, which will be placed at sidewalks, flower beds and crosswalks.

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