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Best time to visit Fujian

Updated: 2019-07-05

Travel to Fujian in autumn

The autumn months between Sept and Nov have the best weather with average temperature 8.8~26.7 ºC and fewer tourists. Without the disturbance of spring rain and summer heat, people can always enjoy a most comfortable autumn to breathe the clean airs.

•Mazu Temple: Located in Meizhou Island in Putian, it is a well-liked tourist attraction where people all over the world pray for their health and fortune.

•South Putuo Temple: Located in Xiamen, it is a historic temple with harbor, peak, bronze bell, figure of Buddha, ancient books, various and grand buildings.

Travel to Fujian in winter

Winter in Fujian is not too cold, but has the lowest average temperature changes from 4.4~15.2ºC. The following places are recommended for you:

•Riyuegu Hot Spring Theme Park: Located in Xiamen, it is a comprehensive tourist resort together with sightseeing, leisure, business, sports, ecological teaching and environmental protection propaganda.

• Mount Qingyun: Located in Yongtai County, it consists of White Horse Valley scenic spot, Nine Days Waterfall scenic spot, Spinulose Tree Fern Valley scenic spot and Qingyun Mountain Imperial Hot Spring.

Some tips for traveling in Fujian

July is the hottest month in Fujian Wuyi Mountain. If you choose this time to travel, remember not to stay outdoors from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m., because there are little places to keep out of the hot sunshine.

Mostly, it is sunny in summer in Fujian, and some parts of Fujian will appear extremely high temperature in July and August, so be sure to wear nice and cool clothes. In addition, this time is also the typhoon season, so please avoid going out when the typhoon comes. You had better stay in the room until the typhoon warning lifted.

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