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Cross-Straits online trading platform for agricultural and fishery products launched

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2019-06-18


A cross-Straits agricultural and fishery products trading fair opened in Pingtan, East China's Fujian province on June 17. [Photo/Fujian Daily]

An online trading platform for cross-Straits agricultural and fishery products was inaugurated in Pingtan on June 17, an island city situated off the coast of Fujian province, with the aim of providing one-stop cross-border trading services for Taiwan farmers, agricultural and fishery associations, and cross-strait trade enterprises.

Services such as instant trading, purchasing, pre-selling, bidding and auction of Taiwan's indigenous agricultural and fishery products are available on the platform.

Related supporting services such as shipping, custom declaration, cold chain storage will soon be offered as well.

Thus far, the platform has attracted nearly 30 businesses from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, with intended procurements valued at 735 million yuan ($109.7 million).

The platform was launched during a cross-Straits agricultural and fishery trading fair in Pingtan.

The fair, which is slated to run until June 19, is being attended by 141 businesses, including 77 from Taiwan, and features fresh fruit, fish, wine, tea, honey and all kinds of dry goods.

Lei Hongyi, general manager of the Taiwan pelagic squid and sashimi trade association, said that the trading fair and the newly launched trading platform created a marketing channel for cross-Straits agricultural and fishery industries cooperation.

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