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Straits Forum promotes much closer relationship

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2019-06-17

The ongoing 11th Straits Forum, which opened on June 15 in Fujian's Xiamen, will help to promote people-to-people exchanges and deepen cross-Straits integrated development, officials said.

A total of 33 activities are planned for the forum, aimed at promoting exchanges among young people, cultural communication, community-level exchanges and strengthening economic and trade ties.

The 2019 forum has a total of 82 sponsors from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, compared to 54 at the inaugural event, according to the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. More than 10,000 people will attend the annual forum this year.

Over the past 10 years, more than 100,000 people have participated in event.

The Cross-Straits Think Tank Forum held on Sunday attracted business representatives and academics to share opinions on how to better promote infrastructure construction to supply water, power and gas, and build bridges to connect the Chinese mainland with the islands of Jinmen and Matsu.

Forums are also organized for participants to discuss how to get customs clearance on daily necessities and advanced technologies.

Since 2018, a number of tickets have been offered online allowing Taiwan residents to take part in the forum. This year the number of tickets has increased to 500, with young applicants who have never visited the Chinese mainland prioritized.

They will be able to participate in six themed tours to learn more about developments of the Chinese mainland. Professional and talent matchmaking events will also be held during the forum to provide more information about recruitment, internships, startup businesses and new policies.

Cultural promotional activities are a key component of the annual forum. This year, a sub-forum is being held on June 17 to deepen cooperation in history education between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. There will also be a group wedding ceremony and a family book reading event.

Forums and activities are also being held to promote tourism, healthcare, trade and economic development.

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