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Fujian rolls out measures to explore cross-Straits integrated development

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2019-05-31


Carrying 99 passengers, the ship "Anqi XI" leaves Mawei at around 11:30 a.m. on May 17. It reached Matsu in 80 minutes. [Photo/Xinhua]

Fujian province recently rolled out a guideline on promoting cross-Straits integrated development so as to build itself into a hotbed for Taiwan residents and businesses.

A total of 42 measures were listed in the government document, aiming to expand cross-Straits connectivity and grant Taiwan residents and companies the same treatments as those on the mainland.

More efforts will be made to enhance cross-Straits economic and trade links and further bilateral interconnectivity in the areas of infrastructure, energy and industrial standards, the document said.

Taiwan-funded companies would be able to apply for business registration in the same way as their counterparts in Fujian do. The province will explore direct settlement between RMB and NT dollars while mobilizing Taiwan enterprises to go public on the science and technology innovation board by offering awards and subsidies for their shareholding system reform.

Meanwhile, Fujian will step up efforts to achieve connectivity in water, electricity and gas between the coastal area of Fujian and Kinmen and Matsu of Taiwan, the guideline said. It will strengthen safety management of the water source as well as maintain the pipelines diverting water from the province to Kinmen and Matsu and study the possibility of building bridges connecting the three regions.

Fujian will continue to promote the implementation of the policies that grant Taiwan residents the same rights as mainlanders in terms of living, working and studying.

In a bid to lure more Taiwan talents, the province plans to ramp up support for Taiwan startups. In addition to the original financial support, high profile professionals from the island will be entitled to an additional government subsidy worth two million yuan ($298,507.4) on the condition that they are included in the "One hundred Person Plan" targeting Taiwan high-end talents.

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