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Ecological conservation efforts bear fruits

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-01-30

Fujian retained its laurel as one of the highest-ranking provinces in China in terms of quality of air, water and general environment in 2017 while keeping itself on the fast lane of economic growth, according to a government work report last Friday.

Tang Dengjie, acting governor of the province, reported at the opening session of 13th Fujian Provincial People's Congress in Fuzhou, the capital city.

Fujian's air quality met national standards on 351 days of 2017, 18.2 percent higher than the average across China, the report says.

In the region's 12 main rivers, 95.8 percent of the water reached Grade Grade III or higher, which means it was potable. China grades its water quality in six levels, from Grade I to Grade V, with Grade V being the lowest.

The province's forest coverage ratio increased to 95.95 percent and continued to lead among the country's provinces and regions.

The great results achieved are inseparable from the efforts of local government.

Strictly adhering to the principle that clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, Fujian keeps increasing its momentum, focused on coordinated economic, social and environmental development.

Economic performance or GDP, the historical measure of government performance, has now become a thing of the past in China.

A total of 31 indicators of the national green development index system have been included in the government appraisal system used at all levels in the province.

Results of the review will be a key reference in the promotion of officials, and a basis of punishment for any wrongdoing.

The index covers 55 indicators, including energy consumption efficiency, carbon emissions, air quality, per-capita disposable income, and research and development spending, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

At the year-end of 2017, China unveiled its first regional green development index rankings, and Fujian ranked second among all provinces and regions.

Fujian also makes great efforts to combat pollution.

In the past year, Fujian fully promoted the "river chief" mechanism across the province, which sees officials at each level of government appointed to take charge of the water sources in their area.

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